This single receiver can be used with the Pixel Soldier trigger set for Sony. The extra receiver makes it possible to trigger multiple camera flash guns or studio flashes, with the use of a Soldier trigger set. The camera flashes can be placed on the hotshoe of the receiver. The receiver has a 1/4" female thread and can be placed on top of a light stand or umbrella holder. On top of the hotshoe is a flash shoe connection, on which the camera flash gun can be placed. This connection and this trigger set doesn't support TTL.

With this receiver you can control studio flashes, camera flashes and cameras. If you want to use these features, however, will need a transmitter. The transmitter is included with the complete Soldier trigger set (see: "Optional Accessories").

The Soldier trigger set for Sony is suitable for the following camera's and flash guns:
Sony cameras: a900, a850, a700, a560, a550, a500, a450, a400, a350, a300, a200, a100, a77, a65, a57, a55, a35, a33
Sony camera flash guns: HVL-F60AM, HVL-F58AM, HVL-F56AM, HVL-F43AM, HVLF42AM

If your camera (flash gun) is not in this list, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Pixel Receiver Soldier for Sony

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