The Pixel Multi-Coated UV Filter is equipped with a super multi-level antireflection coating, which has no effect on the original tone and colour balance of the scene you wish to photograph. Further the imported, high quality German Schott optical glass ensures the Pixel Multi-Coated UV Filter can withstand hot and cold temperatures and humidity.

Pixel Multi-Coated UV Filter Possibilities

The Pixel UV Filter is 1.8mm thick and made of high quality optical glass ensuring an accurate colour representation and high contrast in your photos. The UV Filter blocks the invisible ultraviolet radiation, which often turn your images blue and causes them to be out of focus and hazy. The filter is suitable for use in coastal and mountain areas, in clear weather. Due to its 99.6% transparency, the UV filter does not effect the exposure time and can therefore, be left on the camera lens.

In addition, the Pixel UV Filter provides adequate protection for your expensive camera lens. The filter is less delicate and more durable than the lens of your camera, meaning that the filter is less likely to be damaged in the cleaning process. The UV filter protects the camera lens against sand, water droplets etc. as it can be kept on the camera lens. Further, if the camera lens is dropped, the UV filter will break on impact, generally leaving your expensive camera lens intact.

Pixel UV Filter Multi-Coating 52 mm

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