The Pixel Ultra Grade UV Filters are equipped with a special coating making them 99% translucent, water resistant, anti-scratch and oil repellent. The waterproof coating ensures water droplets are not spread and roll off the filter without leaving traces of water behind. The anti-scratch coating protects the filter from marks and scratches that occur during the cleaning process and the oil repellent coating ensures that most oily substances are not stuck to the filter. If oil traces are left on the filter, they can simply be wiped off with a cloth.

Pixel Ultra Grade UV Filter Possibilities

The Pixel UV Filter is 1.8mm thick and made of high quality optical glass ensuring an accurate colour representation and high contrast in your photos. The UV Filter blocks the invisible ultraviolet radiation, which often turn your images blue and causes them to be out of focus and hazy. The filter is suitable for use in coastal and mountain areas, in clear weather. Due to its 99.6% transparency, the UV filter does not effect the exposure time and can therefore, be left on the camera lens.

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