The Rolux Dual Battery Charger RL-2KS for V-Mount batteries is a professional battery charger designed to charge two batteries at the same time. The battery charger comes with a net cable and a 4 pins XLR cable, which allows you to directly provide any videocamera (with a 4 pins XLR connection) with power. So you can choose to either charge one or two V-Mount batteries or to provide your professional camera with power.

The charger has two LED lights, when these lights are red it means that the batteries are still charging, when they are orange they are almost fully charged and when they are green they are fully charged and ready to remove from the charger. If you would like to remove the batteries you need to shut down the charger first.

Usage RL-2KS:

This RL-2KS battery charger is made to charge your V-Mount batteries and to provide your camera with power.

Rolux Dual Battery Charger RL-2KS for V-Mount Battery

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