The Rolux Fast Charger YC-ZNC for V-Mount Battery is a professional charger with a special self-adapt function. He recognizes the capacity of the battery and can charge it optimally. YC-ZNC also has a built-in protection for output short-circuit.

LED indicator lamp

The LED indicator lamp can show three different situations:

  • LED light green: Charger is not used or battery is fully charged.
  • LED light red: Charger is charging.
  • LED light flashes red: Alarm abnormality, like high temperature, output current exceeds 10.0A or output voltage exceeds 17.8V. The charger stops charging and will only continue when the problem is solved (like when the temperature is normal again).

Usage Rolux Fast Charger YC-ZNC for V-Mount Battery

This charger is small and a lightweight but above all it is extra fast. The YC-ZNC can for example charge a Rolux battery with a capacity 130Wh in about 1.5 hours, whereas standard chargers need 3.5 hours. The charger can be used without problems with RL and RLC batteries from Rolux. It is also possible to connect the charger to batteries from Swit, Pro-X and IDX. If your battery-brand is not mentioned, please contact us for compatibility questions.

Technical specifications YC-ZNC: 

  • Input: AC 90V-240V
  • Charging current: 8.0A (max)
  • Charging power: 120W (max)
  • Charging voltage:16.8V


Rolux Fast Charger YC-ZNC for V-Mount Battery

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