The Rolux RL-CAGII battery holder is designed to power your Canon EOS C300 Mark II. You need to connect a v-mount battery (not included) to the RL-CAGII to create a reliable solution. V-mount batteries are known for their long battery life, which allows you to get the most out of your RL-CAGII. The v-mount batteries are secure in place, but they can be disassembled with one push on the button.


You mount the RL-CAGII with a battery plate adapter on the rods your Canon EOS C300 Mark II. This adapter can be found under the optional accessories. Preparations have already been made for both the RL-CAGII and the battery plate adapter for quick and easy mounting. Only one cable needs to be connected and you are ready to use. The RL-CAGII is suitable for all common v-mount batteries. On the side of the RL-CAGII is a D-tap connection, to power your favorite accessories (e.g. an LED lamp).

Rolux V-Mount Battery Plate RL-CAGII for Canon C300 Mark II

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