The Rolux RL-IS2 battery holder is designed to power your videocamera, monitor or videolamp with v lock interface. You need to connect a v-mount battery (not included) to the RL-IS2 to create a reliable solution. V-mount batteries are known for their long battery life, which allows you to get the most out of your RL-IS2. The V-mount batteries can easily be disassembled with one push on the unlock button.

Usage RL-IS2

Place your V-mount battery simply in the battery holder. Only one cable needs to be connected, that’s all. The RL-IS2 is suitable for all common V-mount batteries. On the side of the RL-IS2 is a D-tap connector to power your favorite accessories (for example, a LED lamp). In addition, the RL-IS2 comes with a male and female Tamiya plug to feed for example a monitor or lamp through the battery holder. The RL-IS2 is suitable for the Blackmagic Ursa Mini.

Rolux V-Mount Battery Plate RL-IS2

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