3The Rolux V-Mount Battery RLC-160S is a professional Lithium Ion battery with a capacity of 10.8Ah and 160Wh with LCD display. The battery status is displayed on the LCD display. The Battery is has a no memory function, which means that you can charge the battery at any time even if the battery isn’t completely empty. That way it won’t have any effect on the performance of the battery. Charging the battery will take approximately 2.5 hours with the Rolux 2KS. Battery Charger is not included, but can be found in the optional accessories tab below.

Usage RLC-160S:

The RLC-160S battery is compatible with all electrical devices with a V-Mount connection such as video cameras and LED lights. The difference between this V-mount battery and normal battery is the LCD display which shows you a detailed status of the battery. It displays different things for example; the time it takes to charge a battery when it is connected to a charger, and the estimated remaining time the battery still has.


Rolux V-Mount Battery RLC-160S 160Wh 14.8V 10800mAh

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