The CaMixer from Saramonic is a perfect audio accessory for your DSLR camera. You can place the CaMixer on the hotshoe of your camera and connect both devices with an included 3.5mm cable. On top of the CaMixer there are two connectors, where you can place the included condenser microphones. They are both 360x90 degrees adjustable, to put them in the ideal sound direction. On the side of the CaMixer is a female mini-XLR port, to connect an external microphone. This can be a handheld microphone, lavalier microphone, etcetera. This port has an option for 48V phantom power. You can turn this function on and off with a button on the backside of the CaMixer. With the CaMixer comes a mini-XLR to XLR cable, so you can also connect microphones with a standard XLR cable.

Technical specs CaMixer

On the screen of the CaMixer is a visual view of both channels. The CaMixer is powered on a 9V battery. You can find two female 3.5mm ports on the side: one for your camera and one to listen real-time to the audio with a headphone. (not included) You can easily adjust the input volume with the built-in turn knob.

External 3.5mm microphone

The two condenser microphones on the top of the CaMixer are easily demountable. This creates two extra female 3.5mm ports, to connect your lavalier and/or handheld microphones, as long as they have a 3.5mm male connector.


Saramonic Audio Interface CaMixer for DSLR

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