The Saramonic Mini Microphone SR-XM1 3.5 mm TRS is a compact microphone that allows you to increase the quality of general sound recordings. The compact condensor microphone features a TRS 3.5 mm jackplug, which means you can use it with your camera, camcorder, audio mixer or wireless transmitter, for example (see optional accessories).

The included pop cap ensures that unwanted noises such as wind noise are filtered out and your recording is not disturbed. The mini-microphone is also equipped with a shock absorber. This ensures that the sound is not distorted when moving.

Usage Saramonic Mini Microphone SR-XM1 3.5mm TRS

The SmartMic is an ideal tool for any general sound recording, such as the production of a vlog or a holiday video. With the SR-XM1 you can add just that little bit of extra quality to perfect your recording.

Saramonic Mini Microphone SR-XM1 3.5 mm TRS

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