The SR-PMIC2 from Saramonic is a compact cardioid condenser stereo microphone, which is extremely suitable for both voice and vocal recordings. The microphone is suitable for the DSLR camera and camcorders. With the SR-PMIC2 you ensure that the general ambient noise is recorded in very high quality, even at lower frequencies. The included plop cap enables a quiet and smooth recording outside as well. The SR-PMIC2 is a stereo microphone, which means it exists of two microphones. This ensures that when the recording is listened to via a stereo system, the difference can be heard from both sides. Besides a hotshoe connector, there is also a 1/4" female thread at the bottom and the microphone has a built-in anti-shock mount.

Usage Saramonic Mini Cardioid Capacitor Stereo Microphone SR-PMIC2

You attach the microphone to the hotshoe of your camera or camcorder, whereafter you insert the 3.5mm plug into your camera. Due to the fact that the SR-PMIC1 does not have a battery, the microphone works without any power supply. Therefore, you never forget to turn your microphone on or off, you only need to turn on your camera. The sound is then collected cardioid, which means that sounds are mainly recorded from the front side, and the greater part of the sound from the back side is blocked. This gives the sound more detail and character, so that voices and sound from a few meters away can still be heard. The built-in button allows you to turn the low-cut filter on and off, to filter out low-frequency sounds for clear sound recording.

Saramonic Mini Stereo Condenser Microphone SR-PMIC2

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