The Saramonic Vmic Mini is a compact unidirectional condenser microphone, suitable for both DSLR cameras and smartphones. The compact design and metal housing make the Vmic Mini ideal for general on-site sound recording. The robust shock absorber absorbs movements to keep the microphone sound as pure as possible. Micro openings in the side and front of the Vmic Mini block out dust and protect the vulnerable parts of the microphone capsule. This guarantees reliable sound over the long term.

Usage Vmic Mini

You can use the Vmic Mini with a DSLR camera and smartphone. A separate 3.5 mm cable (TRS and TRRS) is included for both. The Vmic Mini also offers a solution in the open air, thanks to an extra sturdy pop cap. No battery can be installed, because the condenser microphone works on the basis of phantom power.

Saramonic Shotgun Microphone Vmic Mini

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