Saramonic's Vmic Pro is a one-way condenser microphone with super-cardioid directional characteristics. The Vmic Pro is specially designed for DSLR cameras and video cameras. The metal housing of the Vmic guarantees high reliability. The Vmic can easily be placed on your camera using the coldshoe or threaded connection. You connect the Vmic to your camera with the supplied cable. With an adapter (see optional accessories) the Vmic is also suitable for smartphones. To use the Vmic, insert two AA batteries (not included).

Vmic vs. Vmic Pro

The Pro version of the Vmic can handle bass better; sound is recorded from 20 Hz compared to 35 Hz of the non-pro version. Also the sensitivity has been improved, from -40dB compared to -30dB +/- 1dB / 0dB=1V/Pa, 1kHz.

Usage Vmic Pro

The Vmic Pro is indispensable for general sound recording in your studio and on location. With the supplied windscreen, the Vmic Pro can also be used outdoors. Optionally you can adjust the level to -10 dB or +20 dB with a switch. A low-cut filter is also available to filter out sounds with a frequency lower than 150 Hz. The high frequency boost improves the audibility of the voice. To assess the sound quality live, you can connect headphones directly to the Vmic.

Saramonic Shotgun Microphone Vmic Pro

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