The MixMic set from Saramonic comes with a 2-channel XLR mixer and a SR-NV5 shotgun microphone. The shotgun microphone can easily be attached to the mixer. You can mount the whole kit on the hotshoe of your DSLR-camera. The mixer does have two XLR ports. You can separately control the input level, gain and wind reduction of both channels. The mixer can be powered with a 9V battery.

MixMic in practice

Next to the included shotgun microphone, you can connect an extra microphone with XLR output on the mixer. For an example this can be a receiver. You place the receiver on the hotshoe of the mixer. The cables you use can be placed in the cable guides, for a clear and easy usage.

MixMic: designed for the professional

The Saramonic collection features some amazing audio solutions. The MixMic is a high-end version. You have full control about the input sound, because of the gain control and a low cut function to attenuate low frequency noise lower than 150 Hz. Next to that you can control the input level for both channels individually. The MixMic is ideal to use in a studio, thanks to the mic/line switch.


Saramonic XLR Audio Adapter Kit MixMic with Microphone

SKU: 189420