The StudioKing Background System BG-2600A 240x305 (HxW) comes with two stable aluminium tripods and a crossbar. The complete set is compact and easy to store in the included bag.

Stable aluminium tripods

The two stable aluminium tripods have three sections which can be easily adjusted in height, from minimal 88 cm to a maximum of 240 cm. The tripods are equipped with an air suspension system, so the sections can not suddenly slide down but gradually lower down. The tripod legs are fitted with rubber caps, making them stand on almost any surface without leaving any damage. On top of the stands is a screw thread, on which you can mount the crossbar. The crossbar can be fastened with the supplied wing nut.

Crossbar adjustable in two lenghts

The crossbar consists of three sturdy aluminium rods that can easily be assembled. Depending on the desired width, you can only put two rods (205 cm long) or all three (305 cm long) together. Then rotate the bars in opposite direction to secure them.

Application StudioKing Background System BG-2600A

This background system can be used for a cloth or a roll. Due to the black coating of the aluminum, reflection is reduced. The included black bag has two compartments on the inside for the tripods and two elastic holders for the crossbar rods. In this bag the StudioKing BG-2600A background system can be stored simple and fast and taken to location.