The C-stand by StudioKing is a strong and sturdy stand that is ideal for hanging heavy objects, for example: lamps, flashlights or reflectors. Because of the three-legged stand, this stand is very durable and because each leg can rotate separately you can place the StudioKing C-Stand in many difficult places. The StudioKing C-Stand with Boomarm FT-3203S has a 120 cm long boom arm allowing you to set up objects in different positions and heights. The maximum height of the StudioKing C-Stand with Boomarm is 328 cm. When the boomarm is fully extended, it has a load capacity of 10 kg.

StudioKing C-Stand with Boomarm FT-3203S specifications

The included tripod is equipped with a 3/8” spigot adapter, which can be used alone as a stand for your studio flash unit. The boomarm of the StudioKing C-Stand is 120cm long with a spigot connection on both sides, one sides has a 1/4 " male thread and the other side has a 3/8" male thread. The supplied clamps are suitable for tubes with a diameter of 5, 8, 12and 18 mm.


StudioKing C-Stand with Light Boom FT-3203S 328 cm

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