The StudioKing LED-L2 30W is a Photobox for the travelling product photographer. With the LED-L2 you’ll get the convenience of a professional photobox without taking up an enormous amount of space they normally do. You can photograph products up to 30x30x30 cm. In total the box weights 11 kg.

Because of the LED bar at the top and at the bottom you’ll always get the perfect light. You can set the intensity of the LED bars separately with the turning knobs. Setting up the whole box only takes three minutes at most. You’ll always get the perfect background color with the included backgrounds in four different colors. With its robust housing it can even take a hit.

Usage StudioKing Foldable LED Photobox LED-L2 30W

You can photograph numberous products with the photobox. Think of watches, jewellery, water bottles, small electronic devices, make-up items and more. Because of the diffuser plates over the LED bars you’ll get a nice and even lighting. Due to its smart size you can take the box anywhere with you. On the last two photos you can see how different articles look after the cutting of the background. This can be done within a few steps, depending on the product.

StudioKing Foldable LED Photo Box LED-L2 30W

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