The StudioKing Foldable Octabox + Honeycomb Grid is as easy to set up as an umbrella. The inside of the octabox is equipped with velcro, where you can place the outer diffuse cloth as well as the honeycomb grid. The smaller inner diffuse cloth can be simply placed on the inside of the octabox. This octabox comes in size 120cm.

Application StudioKing Foldable Octabox + Honeycomb Grid 120 cm

The octabox is suitable for portrait and product photography and is supplied with diffuse cloth and honeycomb. The diffuse material spreads the light evenly, provides a neutral colour temperature and minimizes shadows and reflections.
The honeycomb grid can optionally be placed in front of the diffuse cloth by using the Velcro. As a result, the light becomes even more bundled and you can work even more effectively. In the included black bag you can take this octabox quickly and easily with you to any location.

Connecetion StudioKing Foldable Octabox + Honeycomb Grid 120 cm

The foldable octabox comes complete with a standard StudioKing speed ring, which is compatible with Linkstar, Bowens, Lastolite, Jinbei, Qihe, and Aurora studio flash units. The speed ring is not exchangeable.

These softboxes are not suitable for halogen lamps, (such as the Linkstar LQ-1000), due to the high heat generation of these lamps. The soft boxes from the Linkstar LQA series are suitable for such types of lamps.

StudioKing Foldable Octabox + Honeycomb Grid 120 cm

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