The StudioKing Foldable Speedlite Beauty Dish 45 cm is a beauty dish that is easy to handle, folded only 17.5 cm and weighs only 135 grams. The folding beauty dish has a diameter of 45 cm and is ideal for portrait and fashion shots. You easily cut out the beauty dish and easily mount it on any flash. Do this by expanding the beauty dish, sliding over the flash and fastening with the Velcro strap to the flash.

Usage Foldable Beauty Dish with Diffuse Cloth

A beauty dish is widely used in portrait photography. The name comes from the round shape of the beauty dish, because the shape is reflected in the eyes of the model. The beauty dish reflects the light and then falls on the model, which reduces shades and sophistication of face and skin tones. The folding Speedlite Beauty Dish offers the advantage over traditional beauty dishes that it is easy to carry and can be used universally.

StudioKing Foldable Speedlite Beauty Dish 45 cm

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