The StudioKing LED Photo Box LED70T 70x70x70 cm is a complete photo box for making product photos for your webshop or blog. The box can be set up in a few steps. You can easily carry the box in the included carrying bag.

Application StudioKing LED Photo Box

You can photograph your products from the front as well as from the top of the Photo Box. It is an ideal complete mini-studio with the supplied accessories. With the box you can take product photos of objects up to about 45 cm. Think of jewelry, glasses, watches, small electronic equipment, vases and other small items. The backgrounds are made of flexible vinyl that you can easily clean with a cloth. With the help of the 2 separate rotary knobs you can adjust the brightness of the LED strips individually. The diffuser fabric can be hung from the frame at the top.


StudioKing LED Photo Box LED70T 40W 70x70x70 cm

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