The StudioKing Magic Arm MC-1093 is a magic arm with a length of 50 cm. You can use it in combination with your camera or any other product with a 1/4" male thread or a 3/8" male thread. The maximum capacity is 3.63 kg.

Usage StudioKing Magic Arm MC-1093

At the top you will find a 1/4 "female thread and at the bottom a 3/8" female thread. These can rotate in 360 degrees when the middle knob has been loosened. When the middle knob is tightened, the female threads will be fixed as well. You can then attach various accessories to them. Such as a small LED light. You’ll create more freedom during filming or photographing. When you tighten the screw you will secure the arm. The magic arm exists of 2 parts which you can adjust separately.

StudioKing Magic Arm MC-1093 50 cm

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