The StudioKing Metal Multi Spring Clamp MC-1085A 6 Inch is a practical accessory for attaching various studio items. This clamp has a very strong spring, so it is able to hold everything firmly.
MC-1085 is made of metal and has a plastic coating at the front side and the handles. This prevents damages to the objects and provides a comfortable grip.
This clamp is +/- 16 cm long and can be clamped on objects up to a thickness of 55 mm.


The Multi Spring Clamp MC-1085A is a great tool for your photo studio and can be used versatilely. So you can for example clamp background boards, background paper, background cloths or reflectors to a tripod or a cross bar.
When using it with a background paper roll, the clamp needs to be mounted on the side and not on the background roll itself. This prevents unintentional unrolling.

StudioKing Metal Multi Spring Clamp MC-1085A 16 cm

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