The FPT-3601 from StudioKing is a professional Light Boom with a universal spigot-adapter. You can attach every thinkable accessory with a spigot-adapter, up to a maximum weight of 5 kg. The Light Boom is very stable en thanks to it's rubber wheels it's easy to move around. It doesn't matter how high you place the Light Boom, the spigot always remains  horizontal, to give you the perfect control of the light. The height of the vertical rod is adjustable up to 168 cm. The minimum height of the spigot is 40 cm. The maximum height of the spigot is 320 cm. Because of this, you have unlimited possibilities to place the light in every position.

Use of the FPT-3601

For a good equilibrium it's important to have a counterbalance when a light is attached. The Light Boom comes with two weight bags of 4.5 kg each. To keep te Boom Light on it's place, you can click the brakes onto the wheels. For a detailed summary of all the sizes, please see the 2nd picture of this product.

Shipping costs

Due to the length of this set (packed: 215 cm), additional shipping costs will be applied to this item.

StudioKing Professional Light Boom + Light Stand FPT-3601

SKU: 572520