The FST-10200W Photo Table from StudioKing is a professional tool used to take shadow free, product photos. The FST-10200W is therefore suitable for advertisement or webshop product photography. The back panel of the shooting table is adjustable and can be secured into place using the supplied clamps. Further, the shooting table has a maximum length of 200cm. This includes the part that hangs on the front of the rim. There remains an effective working area of about 100x200 cm.

No shadow

At the included pipe clamp + spigot adapter you can place a flash or light  to take shadow free photos of objects such as glass, plastic, jewelry, watches, ceramics and electronics.

Depending on the contact area the photo table has a maximum load capacity of 5 KG when the contact area is small. if the contact area is big the maximum load capacity is 10 KG.

The working height of this table is 75 cm.

StudioKing Professional Photo Table FST-10200W 100x200 cm

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