The RE7-110 from StudioKing consists of 6 printed sides. It's a compact all-in-1 solution, at location and in your studio. In the middle of the screen you can find a reflective screen, the soften the light for the perfect picture. You can fold the screen, to store and carry around easily.


You can use the RE7-110 in almost every situation. It's a great accessory for both photo and video. Here are some examples: when you are using your camera outside with bright sunlight, you can place the diffuse screen between the sun and the object. In this way not all the light is being blocked, but only a part of it. The RE7-110 is also handy when you are using your camera in an indoor situation, when there is only one light source. You can point the screen from the oppposite side on the subject. This will make sure the shadow dissapears. The green and blue sides are great for chromakey.

The RE7-110 consists, beside the diffuse screen, of the following sides:

  • Green
  • Blue
  • White glossy
  • Silver reflecting
  • Gold reflecting
  • Black

StudioKing Reflector 7 in 1 RE7-110 110 cm

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