The CLP02 from StudioKing is a smartphone holder with flexible rod. You can attach the clip to the edge of a table, tube or other narrow object. After that, you can bend the rod in every direction and your smartphone can be firmly clamped. The flexible head allows you to adjust the angle of the smartphone accurately. The rod has a length of 54 cm and the CLP02 weighs only 318 grams.

Usage CLP02

You can use CLP02 with smartphones up to 11 cm wide. So even the largest iPhones are suitable. There are many conceivable situations in which the CLP02 offers a solution. Sometimes it is not possible to hold your smartphone, but you still want to look at the screen. For example during cooking, eating or in the bath. The CLP02 is partly made of metal and offers a solid, reliable solution for these situations.

StudioKing Smartphone Holder CLP02 with Flexible Tube

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