This StudioKing softbox has a size of 60x90cm and comes with two diffusers and a honeycomb. You can mount the softbox on flashes of Bowens, Linkstar, StudioKing, Lastolite, Jinbei, Qihe and Aurora. This makes the softbox universal for use in your studio and on location. The softbox is easy to assemble and is made of high quality materials. On both sides of the softbox there is a small opening. These can be used to let heat escape. This is especially advisable when using continuous lighting or when using a modelling lamp. A storage bag is supplied with the softbox.

Accessories StudioKing softbox

The two diffuser cloths supplied with the softbox ensure a beautiful soft spread of the light. One diffuser can be placed inside the softbox and the other diffuser is located at the opening. The honeycomb can optionally be mounted. This will direct the light more forward.

Usage StudioKing softbox

You can use this softbox when shooting products and persons in your studio. When the softbox is mounted on the flash, you can use it both horizontally and vertically. In the vertical position, the softbox is ideal for lighting a person. For location, a foldable version of this softbox is available, which can be found at the optional accessories.

StudioKing Softbox + Honeycomb Grid 60x90 cm

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