The SBT100 from StudioKing is a softbox specially made for the TLR series from StudioKing. The light is widespread thanks to the dimensions of 100 x 120 cm. The durable materials of the SBT100 are resistant to the high temperature of halogen lighting. By using an inner and outer diffuse cloth, a nice soft light is created. As you can see on the pictures, there are openings and the top and bottom, which you can open for prolonged use to dissipate the heat.

Usage SBT100

If you are in possession of a TLR lamp from StudioKing, you can use this softbox to soften the light. This ensures less harsh shadows and a uniform distribution of light. Excellent for photos and videos of products, for example. The softbox is not foldable.

Also compatible with other lamps

The softbox can be clamped around lamps with a diameter of 15.2 up to 16.2 cm. If your lamp meets this requirement and has a thin outer border, the SBT100 may fit on your lamp. Contact us for details.

StudioKing Softbox SBT100 100x120 cm for TLR Series

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