The StudioKing FB-2 is a table stand for your speedliteflasher. At the top there is a coldshoe, on which almost all speedliteflashers can be placed. The front legs are extra long, so that the FB-2 does not fall over, even with the heavier speedliteflashers. The FB-2 is made of sturdy plastic and also has four rubber feet for extra grip.

Usage FB-2

Sometimes you want to expose the subject of your photo from a different angle than the angle of your camera. You can then use a trigger cable or set to disconnect the speedliteflasher from your camera. By using this table stand, you can place your speedliteflasher on almost any surface. At the bottom there is also a 1/4" female thread, so it is also possible to place your speedliteflasher on a tripod.

StudioKing Speedlite Flash Gun Table Stand FB-2

SKU: 572561