The StudioKing Turbo Windmachine 500 is a nice addition to your photo studio. The constant and natural wind flow creates a unique effect on your photos. You can manually set the wind machine at four speeds, from a soft breeze to a strong wind. At the optional accessories you will find a matching tripod on wheels.

Usage Turbo Wind Machine 500

Flowing skirts and hairs is possible thanks to the strong wind current. This ‘Magician effect' provides a special result.

Specifications of the Turbo Wind Machine 500

- Diameter Tunnel: 46 cm
- Weight: 8 kg
- Noise level: 60 dB
- Motor: 145 Watt
- Rotations per minute: 1400
- CFM *: 2880 (this equates to 81.55 cubic meters)

* CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) airflow unit that indicates how much cubic foot air passes a certain point. One foot is 12 inches, which is equal to 30.48 cm.

StudioKing Turbo Wind Machine 500

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