The StudioKing Wall Storage Adapter R-1426 is suitable for accessories with Profoto connection. The adapter is made of metal and can be easily fixed on a wall with 4 screws (not included).

Application StudioKing Wall Storage Adapter R-1426

Do you like to work in a well organised studio? With this practical adapter, your favorite accessory gets a permanent place on the wall when you're not using it. For example a reflector, snoot or a softbox. Put the accessory on the adapter.

Use more wall store adapters to get even more organised and have your accessories available within seconds.

R-1426 comes with a Profoto connection where accessories can be attached very easy, by just  sliding it over the holder.

The dimensions of the holder are Ø 9.5 cm x 9,5 cm.

StudioKing Wall Storage Adapter R-1426 for Profoto Accessories

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