The Tronix 500Li Explorer Generator is a portable and compact power supply, compatible with most studio flash units up to 2400Ws. The 500Li enables you to use your studio flash unit outside and/or on location without electricity.

The 500Li can power multiple studio flash units, as long as their combined peak capacity does not exceed 2400Ws. Further, the 500Li can also be used as a continual power source for lamps up to 500Ws. Due to its fast charging time, the 500Li allows you to work outside almost as if you were working in the studio. Please note, that when using the 500Li as a continual power source, the battery will run empty faster. Via the integrated USB portal, the 500Li can also be used to charge your laptop, tablet, smartphone etc.

The 500Li generates approximately 700+ flashes at a power of 200Ws, 350+ flashes at a power of 400Ws and 300+ flashes at a power of 500Ws. Please note these figures are just an indication as each brand and flash unit varies.

Tronix 500Li Explorer Generator Specifications

The 500Li is supplied with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Like any battery, the tronix Li-Ion battery may loose its capacity over time. If this is the case, it is possible to replace the battery.

Please note, the battery should be charged for 12-15 hours before its first use. There after, a charge time of 6-9 hours is sufficient.

The included battery has a warranty period of 1 year.

For a list of compatible flash units, please click here.

Tronix Generator Explorer 500Li 2400Ws including Li-ion Battery

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